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Marion Woodman and Finding the Path

A 24-minute video interview with Marion Woodman on her approach to therapy. Wolves in addicts dreams and the two sides to an archetype.

These Women!

Announcement of what looks like a wonderful event this summer in Santa Barbara with some of the premier female writers and scholars in Jungian topics:

June 24-26, 2011
These Women!

These Women! An extraordinary weekend of dialogue, exploration, and dynamic conversation with the seminal voices whose life work shaped and expanded the evolution of Depth, Archetypal, and Jungian psychology: Pat Berry, Lyn Cowan, Christine Downing, Nor Hall, Ginette Paris, Hendrika de Vries, Mary Watkins, and Marion Woodman.
Scroll down at this link for more info.

New Film available about Marion Woodman

There is a new film available called Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames. This has the same title as a book she published in 1997 with Elinor Dickson which was about the Dark Goddess.

“Through the use of stunning animation from Academy Award®-winning animator Faith Hubley, filmmaker Adam Greydon Reid merges Marion’s inner and outer lives together and transmits a core truth of what it is to be human.”   —360 | 365 Festival

The DVD is available through Amazon for $31.49 and you can watch a trailer here.


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