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A New Way to Understand Myers-Briggs

From the Huffington Post, 16 Fiction Book Characters’ Myers-Briggs Personality Types. Finally—something I can relate to!

Revenge of the Introvert

Lynda Campbell has shared a great article she found in Psychology Today about how to understand introverts and how we get a bad rap from our somewhat extroverted American society. I especially like the section near the end called “Crossed Signals”—about what is going on in the introvert’s mind during a conversation.

It’s interesting that the author (Laurie Helgoe) says that according to a national sampling using Myers-Briggs, 50% of Americans are introverted. So, we’re not in the minority like we think, but we are relatively silent. We have an ongoing joke/discussion going on in NWA FofJ after doing some sessions last year on Myers-Briggs and finding that the majority of our group are introverts. Finally a place where we can get a word in!


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