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What’s in Your Red Book?

A blog post from Len Cruz at the Asheville Jung Center, following up on last year’s celebration of the publication of Carl Jung’s Red Book, his own illustrated journal of inner work. Len opens the floor for comments about your own Red Book—what is it, what’s in it, what do you get from it? Some participants are posting images or links to their own blogs. Can a blog be a Red Book of our time?

Mark Vernon’s Series on Jung

I posted earlier about Mark Vernon’s series about Carl Jung in the Guardian—here’s an update with links to more installments.

Part 1: Taking Inner Life Seriously
Part 2: A Troubled Relationship with Freud–and the Nazis
Part 3: Encountering the Unconscious

Part 4: Do Archetypes Exist?
Part 5: Psychological Types
Part 6: Synchronicity
Part 7: The power of acceptance
Part 8: Religion and the search for meaning

Turbulent Times

A lovely blog post by Dr. Cara Barker from the Huffington Post, written in the wake of the spring earthquake in Japan, but still current for us after the tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Joplin and elsewhere. “Where are your deepest roots when tough times come?”


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