Our theme for this year is:

The Hero’s Journey Myth as a Framework for Jung’s Concepts

June 19: End of the Year Party—bring snacks and ideas for next year’s topic.

June 5: Bring your ideas for what subjects we should tackle next year.

May 15: Coming Home: bring an example of what that looks like, in art, film, books, pop culture, or personally.

May 1: Coming Home

April 17: Finding the Treasure: bring an example of what that looks like, in art, film, books, pop culture, or personally.

April 3: Finding the Treasure.

March 20: Defeating or Embracing the Monster. Last time we talked about the images of the closet where we stuff things, the gunny sack that we carry around with us always stuffing things into it, Robert Bly‘s long bag we drag behind us—things that we don’t want to deal with, that are too painful to look at, maybe even things we are given as a gift but we don’t think we deserve. The invitation for this meeting is to dip into the sack, closet, or bag and bring out one thing that you are willing to  bring into the light of consciousness.

March 6: Defeating or Embracing the Monster

February 21:
Our last session on self-defeating actions and magical help. There may be discussion of the psychopomp (a psychic factor that mediates unconscious contents to consciousness, often personified in the image of a wise old man or woman, and sometimes as a helpful animal—Daryl Sharp). Don’t forget that St. Paul’s will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday with their yearly Cajun Fare + Pancake Supper from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 adults /$10 children, available at the door, and there is a vegetarian alternative. All are welcome!

February 7:
Self-defeating actions and magical help. And no balloons for Mary!

January 17:
More about self-defeating actions and magical help.

January 3: Happy New Year!
We’ll be continuing our discussion of the Hero’s Journey, specifically about self-defeating actions and magical help.

December 20: Holiday Party
Bring snacks to share.

December 6: “Meeting the Monster”
Still more monsters!

November 15: “Meeting the Monster”
Bring more monsters!

November 1: “Meeting the Monster”
Bring your monsters! They can be from myths, fairy tales, pop culture, your own life, or your dreams. Monsters as shadow, monsters as friend AND foe, monsters real or imagined. If you have images of your monsters, bring those too.

October 18: “Call to Adventure”
In our last meeting, we discussed various fairy tales that illustrate the Hero’s Journey: the Handless Maiden, Mother Holle, Peter Pan, Dances with Wolves, the Sword in the Stone, and one fairy tale from Russia (?), the name of which I can’t remember. For this session we’ll continue our discussion of fairy tales about the the Hero’s Journey and the call to adventure. If you don’t have a fairy tale you can bring the title of a movie.

October 4: “Call to Adventure”
In our last meeting, we had an excellent assortment of books and poetry symbolizing the Hero’s Journey. For this session, everyone should bring a fairy tale that illustrates the Hero’s Journey.

Sept. 20:  “Call to Adventure”
Each person should bring a book title that speaks to the Call to Adventure for you. Discussion will touch on the Hero’s Journey for us as a nation and where we are at in the journey. What is happening in the collective now in the Call to Adventure?

Sept. 6: This will be our first meeting for the year. We’ll have a discussion on what this year’s theme will be. At our last meeting in June, we tentatively decided the theme would be “Using Myths to Illuminate Jungian Terms.”  Please join us!

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