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June 16: End of Year Party

May 5, May 19, June 2: further discussion

April 21: Chapter 8: A Talk with Students at the  Institute pg. 215 thru pg. 222 Letters

April 7: Chapter 8: pg. 195 thru pg. 214 The Rainmaker Story

March 17: Chapter 7: The Meaning of Psychology for Modern Man pg. 177 thru pg. 194

March 3: Chapter 7: pg. 163 thru pg. 176 Excerpts

February 17: Chapter 6: Americans Must Say No pg. 150  thru pg. 162 Letters

February 3: Chapter 6: pg. 137 thru pg. 149 The Transformation of Dragons into Machines

January 20: Chapter 5: Marginalia on Contemporary Events pg. 131 thru pg. 136

January 6: Chapter 5: pg. 121 thru pg. 130 Marginalia on Contemporary Even

December 16: Mid Year Party

December 2: Chapter 4: The Archaic Man pg. 99 thru pg. 120

November 18: Chapter 3 Letters pg. 88 thru Chapter 4 pg. 98  Excerpts

November 4: Chapter 3 pg. 79 thru pg. 87 Excerpts

October 21: Chapter 2 pg. 67 thru pg. 78

October 7: Jung’s Travels: Chapter 1, Taos pg. 42 thru pg. 66, Letters

September 16: Foreword thru pg. 41 (Chapter 1)

September 2: We’ve chosen a book to read and discuss for at least the first part of our year: The Earth Has A Soul: C.G. Jung on Nature, Technology and Modern Life by C. G. Jung, Meredith Sabini, and Joseph Henderson. There are used copies online but the cheap ones are going fast so order yours today!

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