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The Dark Side of Getting to Know Yourself

Here’s an interesting post on shadow by Anja Van Kralingen of the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Genius


From Sharon:

In my ruminations on the discussion [on James Hillman and active imagination] I remembered a TED Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, a writer.  It’s about 20 minutes long. In the first seven minutes she’s giving some background to what she wants to offer. Then she talks about the daimon, and she gives some fascinating examples of other writers’ experiences.  In light of our discussion, what she’s talking about can apply to much, much more than writing.

Acorns, Daimons, Gods, Guides, and Road Maps

An excellent article on the Bridges and Burrows blog, titled “Is Your Life Full Enough?”.

“Why do we yearn to be happy in our own skins, to be at peace with ourselves and our environment, to experience joy? It’s because human beings are designed for holiness, to be discontent until we become the most authentically unique person we can be. We’re most alive when we discover our unique life purpose.

Bob the Bard’s blog has stories, poems, essays, and links to experts on conscious parenting, on a practical/spiritual approach for rebuilding the foundations of children’s safety, and a lot more.


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