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Fairy Tale Workshop—May 15

Jungian analyst Gary Hartman will be at St. Andrews in Rogers, AR on Saturday, May 15,  from 2-6 p.m. conducting a workshop titled “Fairy Tales: Re-Visiting the World of Childhood and Fantasy.” Admission is free. For more information, 616-0068 or

Remember those nights when you were ready for bed, warm in your pajamas or nightgowns, huddled together with your brother or sister or mother or father or some combination of them? Remember the wicked witch cackling out of the gingerbread house, deep in the middle of the woods? Remember the call, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair,” or the squishy-wet frog that wanted to share the king’s daughter’s pillow with her?

This workshop will help remind us of the pure and simple delight in stories, stories that our parents’ parents told them. There will be “Cinderella” and “Snowwhite”, “Hansel and Gretel” and “The Frog King”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Three Golden Hairs of the Devil.” The workshop will also show you ways of working with fairy tales, drawing out the patterns and solutions for our everyday problems and living. (There has to be something for the adult in us, right?) If you need a further reason to come, you will take home some wonderful stories to tell to your children or your grandchildren—or read yourselves!—as part of the bedtime rituals!

Gary Hartman is a Jungian analyst and graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, and is in private practice in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Jung meets Hollywood another way

This notice today in the Los Angeles Times:

Red Book Dialogues: This series of public conversations pairs Jungian analysts with artists and thinkers to explore and respond to “The Red Book,” Carl Jung’s long-unseen illuminated manuscript, on display now at the Hammer. Tuesday’s installment features psychologist James Hillman and actress Helen Hunt. Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Blvd., L.A. 7 p.m. (310) 443-7000.

Oregon Friends of Jung

In an online article about this weekend’s Red Book events at Portland’s Oregon Friends of Jung there is this interesting paragraph about the origins of the group:

“Fae Dougan of Portland was an early member of Oregon Friends of Jung, although she didn’t attend the first meeting in 1974. Fifty strangers had answered a newspaper ad inviting anyone interested in Jung to meet under a tree in a particular Lake Oswego backyard. Since those days, membership has grown to 350 — most of them lay people, not Jungian analysts — who support nine educational events every year. Joseph Campbell, the popular mythologist who died in 1987, visited Portland three times for Oregon Friends events, Dougan says.”

Very impressive that 50 people showed up from a newspaper ad and that they originally met under a tree — Buddhist symbology meets Jungian!

The Red Book at Hammer Museum

The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles is hosting an exhibition of The Red Book from April 11 through June 6, 2010. The exhibition is organized by the Rubin Museum, who hosted the first showing of The Red Book in New York earlier in the year.

Jung and Stuff

This is a lovely article by Todd Walton of the Sacramento News and Review that’s not really about Jung at all but mentions his late-in-life theory that all things were animate entities and demanded our attention and energy. The article is really about us and our stuff, what it means to us, how it drags us down, our parents’ stuff, aging, and our current economic situation.

“So wouldn’t it be great if the current economic crisis turns out not to be a meltdown but a turning point, an awakening? The death of the parent equals the death of the old economic paradigm. In cleaning up the parental junk, we come to terms with the futility of hanging on to huge piles of stuff. In picking up and reforming the economic pieces, we leave out the making and getting of piles of junk. If we aspire to possess anything, it will be a few high-quality things we lovingly care for as opposed to crap we stack up and eventually throw away or leave to our children to throw away for us.”

Carl Jung at your local cineplex

Director David Cronenberg is working on a new film about Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Jung’s relationship with one of his patients, Sabina Spielrein. The film is called A Dangerous Method and is scheduled to start filming in May with a cast that includes Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung, Keira Knightley as Sabina Spielrein, and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn!) as Sigmund Freud. Presently set to release in 2011.


Would he have one of these for his very own? I like to think so.

Red Book Seminar Part 2—Asheville Jung Center

To follow up on the previous post about the Asheville Jung Center and The Red Book:

On May 14 the Asheville Jung Center will be hosting Part 2 of a global web seminar direct from Zurich with Murray Stein speaking on further aspects of The Red Book. Anyone with high-speed internet can watch this webcast. Cost is $47 per person; $23 for students or clergy. Home viewers will be able to watch the seminar later in the day (or within a few days) and will then have a 2 week window to watch the seminar. There are group viewings scheduled at various locations. These seminars are also available on DVD—there are a number to choose from.


The NWA Friends of Jung meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in the library at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The Sunday Dream Group meets the 1st and 3rd Sundays from 2–3:30 in the library at St. Paul’s.

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