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Word Collage

img026At our most recent meeting of the NWA Friends of Jung as part of our Creativity theme, we did a word collage project where we cut out words that interested us and then made a poem or “word person” graphic out of them. Attached below is a PDF of the results.


NWA Friends of Jung Donates Red Book

Virginia Krauft shows the Red Book to St Paul’s rector Lowell Grisham. Photo by Andy Shupe

The NWA Friends of Jung has recently donated copies of Carl Jung’s Red Book to the Fayetteville Public Library and to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church library. At an informal gathering at St. Paul’s on November 19, attended by Virginia Krauft, president of the Friends of Jung; 10 members of the Friends of Jung; Lowell Grisham, rector of St. Paul’s; Albert Gray, librarian at St. Paul’s; and Bettina Lehovec, religion page reporter for The Morning News, Dr. Krauft presented the book to the church library. The book will also be located in the Reference section of the Fayetteville Public Library.

Reporter Bettina Lehovec wrote a wonderful article on the Red Book and the NWAFJ donations in the Dec 4 edition of the NWA Times/Morning News in the Religion section.

from left: Lowell Grisham, Virginia Krauft, Mary Miller, and Sharon Donnelly

Oregon Friends of Jung

In an online article about this weekend’s Red Book events at Portland’s Oregon Friends of Jung there is this interesting paragraph about the origins of the group:

“Fae Dougan of Portland was an early member of Oregon Friends of Jung, although she didn’t attend the first meeting in 1974. Fifty strangers had answered a newspaper ad inviting anyone interested in Jung to meet under a tree in a particular Lake Oswego backyard. Since those days, membership has grown to 350 — most of them lay people, not Jungian analysts — who support nine educational events every year. Joseph Campbell, the popular mythologist who died in 1987, visited Portland three times for Oregon Friends events, Dougan says.”

Very impressive that 50 people showed up from a newspaper ad and that they originally met under a tree — Buddhist symbology meets Jungian!

Red Book Seminar Part 2—Asheville Jung Center

To follow up on the previous post about the Asheville Jung Center and The Red Book:

On May 14 the Asheville Jung Center will be hosting Part 2 of a global web seminar direct from Zurich with Murray Stein speaking on further aspects of The Red Book. Anyone with high-speed internet can watch this webcast. Cost is $47 per person; $23 for students or clergy. Home viewers will be able to watch the seminar later in the day (or within a few days) and will then have a 2 week window to watch the seminar. There are group viewings scheduled at various locations. These seminars are also available on DVD—there are a number to choose from.

Red Book video from Asheville Jung Center

There are some really interesting videos posted by the Asheville Jung Center on Here is a 10-minute excerpt of Murray Stein‘s 3-hour seminar on The Red Book which was hosted as a live webinar from Zurich by the Asheville Jung Center in January 2010. There is apparently a second webinar coming this spring—I’ll post an update when I find further information.

Sonu Shamdasani to speak on The Red Book

The Oregon Friends of Jung will be be hosting the Red Book Event, April 16 & 17 in Portland. Sonu Shamdasani, the editor of The Red Book, will give a lecture and workshop and he will be introduced by Daniel Baumann, President of the Zurich Jung Institute and great-grandson of C.G. Jung. For more information:

Read the Harper’s article “Inside Jung’s Red Book: Six Questions for Sonu Shamdasani:”


The NWA Friends of Jung meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in the library at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The Sunday Dream Group meets the 1st and 3rd Sundays from 2–3:30 in the library at St. Paul’s.

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