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Larry Maze Workshop

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Little Rock invites everyone to join them Friday, Feb. 3–Saturday, Feb. 4 for a seminar titled “There is More to You Than You Think” with Bishop Larry Maze. The seminar will explore the inner spiritual journey employing Jungian spirituality to help discover parts of yourself you never knew existed. The cost for the seminar is $35 per person and includes lunch on Saturday. You may pay at the door or online. Check the website for more information. Bishop Maze retired from the Diocese of Arkansas in 2007 and is now Bishop-in-Residence at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church in Little Rock. He speaks on the topics of Jungian spirituality and dreamwork and how it interfaces with Christian spirituality. He has led teaching conferences in many areas of the southeast and serves on the faculty of The Haden Institute.

Quote of the Day

“You can’t predict what a myth is going to be any more than you can predict what you’re going to dream tonight. Myths and dream come from the same place. They come from realizations of some kind that have then to find expression in symbolic form. And the only myth that’s going to be worth thinking about in the immediate future is one that is talking about the planet, not the city, not these people, but the planet and everybody on it. That’s my main thought for what the future of myth is going to be.”
—Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Quote of the Day

“The hero is somebody whom you can lean on and who is going to rescue you; he is also an ideal. To live the heroic life is to live the individual adventure, really. One of the problems today is that with the enormous transformations in the forms of our lives, the models for life don’t exist for us. In a traditional society—the agriculturally based city—there were relatively few life roles, and the models were there; there was a hero for each life role. But look at the past twenty years and what has come along in the way of new life possibilities and requirements. The hero-as-model is one thing we lack, so each one has to be his own hero and follow the path that’s no-path. It’s a very interesting situation.”
—Joseph Campbell, An Open Life

Rosanne Cash and the Lifting of the Veil

The radio show On Being has recently aired an interview with singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash about her spirituality, which she calls neo-folk, pagan, post-feminist, progressive, Buddhiscopalian. Their conversation covers Jungian analysis, Jung’s five big dreams, quantum physics, songwriting, her father, religion, discernment, living, and dying. You can listen to the interview online, both edited and complete, or read a transcript of it, though listening is much better so you can catch all the wonderful music included. There’s also a video of the live-streamed interview.


The NWA Friends of Jung meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in the library at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The Sunday Dream Group meets the 1st and 3rd Sundays from 2–3:30 in the library at St. Paul’s.

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