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Finding Joe

There is a new documentary out on Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey called “Finding Joe.” It has recently opened in Los Angeles and on October 14 opens in San Francisco, Berkeley and Denver. You can watch the trailer on the movie’s website. You can check out yesterday’s Huffington Post review here. You can also follow the progress of the movie on Facebook. Seems doubtful that it will come to a theater in Fayetteville, but we can look forward to watching the DVD one of these days.

The movie features Deepak Chopra, Mick Fleetwood, Rashida Jones, Tony Hawk, Catherine Hardwicke, Laird Hamilton, Robert Walter, Akiva Goldsman, Sir Ken Robinson, Robin Sharma, Lynne Kaufman, Alan Cohen, Brian Johnson, Joseph Marshall III, Rebecca Armstrong, Chungliang Al Huang, David L. Miller, Gay Hendricks, David Loy and Norman Ollestad.

Man as Hero

“Parsifal” by Jean Delville, 1890

A perfect audio lecture to listen to for this year’s study topic—Robert Johnson speaking in May 1987 for the Journey into Wholeness series. He talks particularly about the myth of Parsifal and King Arthur. The talk is slanted toward the hero in men specifically, but is definitely of interest for women as well. Though this lecture happened 20+ years ago, his discussion of the Red Knight and how he appears in terrorists is even more pertinent today.

The lecture is in two parts and you can either listen to it from the website or you can download the two files to listen from computer, iPod, or burn to CD.

The Good Son

I highly recommend the suspense novel The Good Son, by Michael Gruber. One of the main characters is a Pakistani-American, Catholic/Muslim woman who is also a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst. How many spies in contemporary fiction do dream analysis for their terrorist captors?

The Egg

I can’t remember at this point where I found this, but it’s worth pondering, on the heels of our year of the Red Book and ongoing discussion of Jung’s Egg. A short story by writer Andy Weir titled “The Egg.”

Trailer for “A Dangerous Method”

We’re getting closer to seeing David Cronenberg’s Freud/Jung film in theaters—it’s just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. You can watch the trailer, and see the official website (also the trailer) for the film.

Quote for the Day

“If only a portion of that lost totality [life-potentialities] could be dredged up into the light of day, we should experience a marvelous expansion of our powers, a vivid renewal of life. . . . Moreover, if we could dredge up something forgotten not only by ourselves but by our whole generation or our entire civilization, we should become indeed the boon-bringer, the culture hero of the day.”
—Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Places

“Mortensen calls for release of more Jung letters”

This popped up as the main headline on Yahoo’s Entertainment News this morning. You can read the very short article here.



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